2017 Conference Abstracts

Production and characterization of Maillard-glycated protein-polysaccharide conjugates for use as encapsulating agents

Effect of gluten on texture profile of dough and doughnut models

Effect of type and level of hydrocolloid on texture profile of rice flour wonton wrapper models

Composition and functionality of pectic polysaccharides from pea hull

Influence of the extraction temperature on rheological properties of flaxseed gum solution

Rheological properties of a polysaccharide isolated from Treculia africana fruit pulp

Adsorption of spruce galactoglucomannans (GGM) on emulsion interfaces depends on GGM:oil ratio

Hybrid carrageenans as wort fining agents

Hexanal releasing spruce galactoglucomannan aerogels for active packaging of fresh fruit

Oat protein enriched by-products support structure formation in yoghurt

Isolation, identification and comparison of O-acetyl-(gluco)mannans isolated from the leaf skin and gel of Aloe barbadensis Miller

Arabinoxylan isolated from the seeds of Plantago asiatica L. ameliorates Type 2 diabetes in rats

A comparative study of chemical composition and polysaccharide structure between natural Cordyceps sinensis and cultured mycelium

Coil-helix transition of kappa-carrageenan influenced by beta-lactoglobulin

Coil-helix transition of -carrageenan influenced by β-lactoglobulin

Modulating molecular and structural arrangement of starch for controlled digestion using vitamins

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Food tribology – a promising and challenging tool for the determination of food friction properties

Mullein extracts as possible emulsion stabilizers

New approaches for pectin extraction from sunflower head residue

Functionality of xanthan gum and Tween 80 during digestion of o/w emulsions