2017 Conference Abstracts

Thermal degradation of citrus pectin - Influence of acidic and alkaline pre-treatment

Hydrocolloid based encapsulated air micro particles for innovative food manufacture

The Influences of Methyl Cellulose and Psyllium and Their Applications in a Flour-Water System with Medium Water Content (ca. 55%).

Fluid release from polysaccharide-based gels study

Response Surface Methodology Study on the effects of yellow konjac:kappa-carrageenan gels and red koji rice on restructured meat

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Effect of NaCl on physicochemical properties of xanthan gum – water chestnut starch complexes

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Release, Recovery and Functionalization of Pectic Hydrocolloids from Citrus Juice Processing Biomass

Influence of whey protein+cellulose nanocrystals at the oil/ water (O/W) interface – impact on in vitro gastric digestion

Multiscale evaluation from one bubble to the foam of surface active properties of cellulose derivatives used for a starchy model sponge cake

Emulsifying properties of tomato industry waste: Influence of environmental conditions

Preparation of novel emulsion gels and emulsion microgel particles using modified starch

Starch-carrageenan interactions in aqueous media: Role of each polysaccharide chemical and macromolecular characteristics

Physiochemical and rheological properties of grape juice containing Chubak extract and egg white