2019 Conference Abstracts

INVITED: Function of modified starch as an emulsifier and moderator for the controlled release of bioactive compounds

Peter Williams


PLENARY: How rheology can help in the development and stability behaviour of protein-stabilized emulsions

Antonio Guerrero


PLENARY: Use of gelatins and chitosans encapsulating natural extracts for the development of active bio-packaging: a review and latest results



PLENARY: Consumer-driven hydrocolloid-based food design considering interaction with saliva

Bettina Wolf
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PLENARY: Heat induced gelation of casein micelles; effects of adding minerals and whey or plant proteins

Taco Nicolai


INVITED: Oral Lubrication: From microgels to real food applications

Dr. Anwesha Sarkar


PLENARY:Rational Design of Hydrocolloid-based Oral Delivery Systems for Bioactive Agents

David McClements