2019 Conference Abstracts

Extraction and characterizations of gelatin from camel skins

Peter Williams


Methyl esterification patterns of commercial and chemically modified pectins

Peter Williams


Unique Properties of GRINDSTED® Pectin PRIME

Rasmus Lybech Jensen


Stabilization of beverages with gellan gum

Lise Stouby


A novel class of xanthan derivatives for preparing stable oil-in-water emulsions

Céline Fantou


Physicochemical Properties of the Ultrahigh Methoxylated Pectin

Xiao Hua


The effects of polysaccharides incorporating into sodium caseinate-high melting point fat microparticles to the survival of probiotic bacteria during simulated gastrointestinal digestion and storage

Peter Williams


PLENARY: Food industry: natural landscape on hydrocolloid use

Peter Williams


Chitosans and cyclodextrin polymers to design new biodegradable antifungal coating

Veronique Coma


Brush-like polysaccharides with motif-specific interactions

Gleb Yakubov


Design of pectin based hydrogels with tunable structures

Mikaela Börjesson


INVITED: Dietary Fiber, Prebiotics and The Gut Microbiome

Stuart Craig


Starch Suspension Mouthfeel: Correlating Sensory and Rheological Properties

Shen Siung Wong


INVITED: Function of modified starch as an emulsifier and moderator for the controlled release of bioactive compounds

Peter Williams


Effect of chia seed gum (Salvia hispanica L.) on the thermo-reversible gelation of kappa-carrageenan as influenced by calcium ions

Christos Soukoulis


Use of protein-polysaccharides based hydrocolloid system for improve targeted delivery of probiotics

iqra Yasmin


Development of biomimetic mucus gel material

María del Mar Collado González


Valorization of Gelidium sesquipedale seaweed for the production of polysaccharide-based fractions with interest in food applications

Marta Martínez Sanz


Protein/polysaccharide co-precipitates for the independent co-delivery of two actives from simple o/w emulsions

Fotis Spyropoulos


Stability evaluation of highly concentrated emulsions using Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy (DWS)

Peter Williams