Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.


Use of proteins for the delivery of flavours and bioactive compounds.

Gary Reineccius


Isolation and characterization of rhamnogalacturonan I polysaccharides from industrial by-products

Daniel Wefers


Hydrocolloid active films and coatings to extend shelf life

Koro de la Caba


Encapsulation of beta-carotene using polysaccharide-protein stabilised emulsions



Value added processing of wheat bran for high soluble fiber production

Qingbin Guo


Strategies for the production of submicron droplets using hydrocolloid emulsifiers

Ulrike van der Schaaf


Chitosan based edible films with incorporated sucrose stearate ester and wheat germ oil

Maria Marudova


Value added processing of wheat bran for high soluble fiber production

Qingbin Guo


Hybrid carrageenans as wort fining agents

Rando Tuvikene


Analytical centrifugation: A fast and simple tool for testing the mechanical stability of hydrocolloid microspheres and microcapsules

Stefan Kuechler


Dynamics of slow structuring processes of hydrocolloids by in situ visualization of tracer particle movement

Stefan Kuechler


Different approaches and aspects of the encapsulation in alginate

Denis Poncelet


Ordered conformation of xanthan in solutions and "weak gels": single helix, double helix – or both?

Peter Williams


Concentration- and shear-dependent ageing phenomena in Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (Na CMC) solutions

Juliette Behra


Understanding Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (Na CMC) behaviour: a rheology and light scattering study

Juliette Behra


Biopolymer-based nanoparticles available in different “flavours”: Modulation of the bioactivity of selected phytochemicals

Francisco M. Goycoolea


Modulating molecular and structural arrangement of starch for controlled digestion using vitamins

Pallab Kumar Borah
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Effects of Oat Bran Protein Particles on the Rheological Properties of Soy Protein Gel

Kurnia Ramadhan


Hydrogel Based Dessert of Low Calorie Content

Nataliia Nepovinnykh


Physical, chemical and functional property changes in whey protein isolate caused by conjugation with sugar beet pectin in the dry-state

Phoebe Qi