Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.


Enzyme-mediated gelation of polysaccharides yields bio-based aerogels


Comparison of starch isolation methods on physicochemical properties of starch from Djulis (Chenopodium formosanum)


Physicochemical properties of dietary fiber from Chenopodium formosanum hull and the effect on postprandial glucose concentrations in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients

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Structural characterization and in vitro fermentation profiles of flaxseed kernel dietary fibres


Fabrication and subsequent dehydration of wet foam structures stabilised by mixed protein-starch particle species

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Purification and Biochemical Properties of Type I Collagen Isolated from Quail Feet

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Understanding generic water holding mechanisms � a comparison of protein sources


Processing of carrots leads to changes in pectin structure


Physico-chemical properties of the gelling galactans from the red alga Chondrus elatus

Mihkel Saluri


Effect of Gum Arabic on Oxidative Stress Markers in the Liver of High Fat Diet


Extraction and structural characterization of polysaccharides from Gabiroba pulp (Campomanesia xanthocarpa Berg)


Cellulose derivatives to tailor non-reactive sponge cakes


Barley hulls and straw constituents and emulsifying properties of their arabinoxylans

Madhav Yadav


Sequential transformation of the complex particles, combining covalent conjugates (sodium caseinate + maltodextrin) with polyunsaturated lipids stabilized by plant antioxidants, in the simulated gastro-intestinal conditions in-vitro.

Maria Semenova


Role of covalent conjugates (sodium caseinate + maltodextrin) and plant antioxidants in the protection against oxidation of the composite food ingredients, containing adequate amount of omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Maria Semenova


Analysis of different methods for funoran degradation


Self-assembly of konjac glucomannan-curdlan into network aggregates

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A molecular modeling approach to understand the structure and conformation relationship of (GlcA)Xylan

Qingbin Guo


Calcium binding and calcium-induced gelation of sodium alginate modified by the addition of low-molecular weight alginate- and pectin-derivatives


Structural properties and antioxidant potentials of polysaccharides isolated from natural and cultured Cordyceps sinensis

Shaoping Nie