Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.



Louis Nwokocha


Molecular interactions between ?-lactoglobulin and low-methoxyl pectin studied by multi-detection High Performance Size Exclusion Chromatography

Phoebe Qi


Bioactive Carbohydrates: Structures and Functionalities


Studies on gelation mechanism and network structure in mixture solutions of kappa and iota carrageenans by NMR


Hyaluronic Acid Putty at pH 2.5: Mechanism, Quantification and Conformations


Developments in the understanding of physically modified xanthan prepared by extrusion processing


Influence of potassium polyphosphates on gelling properties of sem refined k-carrageenan

Joanna Rychlicka-Rybska


Analysis of interactions induced by electron beam irradiation of hydrocolloid edible films


How to favor crosslinking in hydrocolloid-based edible films


Release of natural antioxidants from hydrocolloid edible films affected by irradiation


Effect of water activity on mechanical properties of wheat gluten-based edible films


Effect of thickness of wheat gluten-based edible films on surface hydrophilicity and water vapour permeability


Effect of water on structure and molecular dynamics of chitosan films

karbowiak.doc29.5 KB


The influence of different extracrions conditions on the physico-chemicql properties of pectins extracted from Cucumis melo Indorus


Beverage emulsions: formulation, production and application

abstract.doc22.5 KB


Engineering digestion: Effect of hydrocolloids on mass transfer and nutrient bioaccessibility


Preparation and Bioactivity of Low Molar Mass Konjac Glucomannan


Water activity affects the structure and physical properties of ethyl cellulose-konjac glucomannan films

abstract.doc22.5 KB


Changes in soy protein gelation and isoflavones content by propylene glycol alginate


Rheological Properties of a Novel Plant Seed Gum: Chia Seed (Salvia hispanica) Gum