Plenary speakers include:

Professor K de la Caba, University of the Basque Country, Spain.

'hydrocolloid active films and coatings to extend shelf life' 

Dr A. Brodkorb, Teagasc, Ireland.

'In vivo monitoring of hydrocolloids in encapsulation systems'

Dr I. Brownlee, University of Newcastle, UK.

'The role of hydrocolloids as dietary fibre and the influence on human health'

Professor G. Reineccius, University of Minnesota, USA.

'Use of proteins for the delivery of flavours and bioactive compounds'

Dr-Ing J. Weissbrodt, Symrise.

' The use of phase separation to tailor biopolymer-based delivery systems'  

Professor P. de Vos, University Medical Centre Groningen, The Netherlands.

'Challenges and opportunities for hydrocolloids in biomedical applications'

The Food Hydrocolloids Medal Lecture, 2017, will be given by
Professor D. Goff, University of Guelph,  Canada