Plenary Speakers

Professor Frederic Debeaufort, University of Burgundy, France

'Use of gelatins and chitosans encapsulating natural extracts for the development of active bio-packaging: a review and latest results'

Dr Paulo Fernandes, Nestle Development Center Amiens, France

'Food Industry: natural landscape on hydrocolloid use' 

Professor Antonio Guerrero, University of Seville, Spain

'How rheology can help in the development and stability behaviour of gels and emulsions'

Professor D. J. McClements, University of Massachusetts, USA

'Recent Advances in the Design, Fabrication and Application of Biopolymer Microgels for the Delivery of Bioactive Food Components'

Professor Taco Nicolai, University of Le Mans, France

'Heat induced gelation of casein micelles; effects of adding minerals and whey or plant proteins'

Dr Bettina Wolf, University of Nottingham, UK  

'Clean label interfacial functionality'