Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.


Complex coacervation of gelatin and OSA-modified kudzu starch

Functionalising cellulose waste as a replacer for starch, as a functional food ingredient.

Protection and Safe Delivery of Nutraceuticals using Electrohydrodynamic Atomization Method: the Role of Food Hydrocolloids as the Wall Material

Effects of Acyl Groups of Gellan Gum on Gelatinization and Stabilization of Purple Sweet Potato Beverage

Pasting, rheological properties and retrogradation of rice starch gel as affect by low and high acyl gellan gums

Phase behaviour of mixed sodium alginate/sodium caseinate as affected by sucrose

Interfacial composition and stability of oil-in-water emulsions made with Garden cress seed gum

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Encapsulation of Ascorbyl Palmitate in Maize Starch by Spray Drying

Roles of acidic polysaccharides in ginseng extracts in the stabilization of emulsion

Quality improving of Egyptian low fat white soft cheese by hydrocolloids addition, pickling and their interactions

In vivo and in vitro monitoring of hydrocolloids in encapsulation systems

The use of phase separation to tailor biopolymer-based delivery systems

New bakery products with flour from safflower seeds

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Stability of yoghurt drinks prepared at different homogenization conditions assessed with an analytical centrifuge

Use of proteins for the delivery of flavours and bioactive compounds.

Isolation and characterization of rhamnogalacturonan I polysaccharides from industrial by-products

Hydrocolloid active films and coatings to extend shelf life

Encapsulation of beta-carotene using polysaccharide-protein stabilised emulsions

Value added processing of wheat bran for high soluble fiber production

Strategies for the production of submicron droplets using hydrocolloid emulsifiers