Professor Marguerite Rinaudo - Trust medal winner 2019

ProProfessor Marguerite Rinaudo - Trust medal winner 2019

Professor Marguerite Rinaudo obtained her PhD degree in 1966 on Polyelectrolyte properties of carboxymethylcelluloses and was a Full Professor from 1968 at Grenoble-Alpes University. She developed her research work on the relationship between molecular structure and physicochemical properties of polysaccharides (mainly microbial and algae polysaccharides) and in particular analyzed their behaviour in the sol and gel phases including mechanisms of gelation.

She has received different distinctions : chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, des Palmes Académiques et du Mérite Agricole, Officier du Mérite National. She was elected as a corresponding member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and of the Chilian Academy of Sciences.

She supervised more than 50 PhD students, published more than 550 original papers in international journals and presented more than 250 keynote lectures in different foreign countries. In addition, she managed many international cooperations with universities and industries.