Trust medal winners

Professor Costas Biliaderis - Trust medal winner 2023

Costas Biliaderis is an Emeritus Professor at Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece, Faculty of Agriculture. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the College of Agriculture of Aristotle University (1975), and his M.Sc. (1978) and Ph.D. (1980) degrees from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Following several appointments as a research associate with the National Research Council of Canada (1980-81), as project chemist (1984-85) at General Foods, Inc., faculty member with the University of Manitoba, Canada (tenured Associate Professor, 1985-1993), he returned to his alma mater in 1993, accepting a faculty position in the Food Science and Technology Department, where he also served as department chairman for several years.

Professor Marguerite Rinaudo - Trust medal winner 2019

Professor Marguerite Rinaudo obtained her PhD degree in 1966 on Polyelectrolyte properties of carboxymethylcelluloses and was a Full Professor from 1968 at Grenoble-Alpes University. She developed her research work on the relationship between molecular structure and physicochemical properties of polysaccharides (mainly microbial and algae polysaccharides) and in particular analyzed their behaviour in the sol and gel phases including mechanisms of gelation.

Professor Steve W. CUI- Trust medal winner 2018

Professor Cui is a Senior Research Scientist at the Guelph Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Adjunct Professor at the University of Guelph (Canada), Nanchang University and Jiangnan University (China). Prof Cui’s expertise includes structure and functional studies of natural hydrocolloids and bioactive polysaccharides from agricultural products, processing and applications of dietary fibre and dietary fibre analysis. Dr. Cui has developed patented technologies for value added processing of Canadian crops to produce functional food products and bio-products.

Dr Graham Sworn - Trust medal winner 2016

Graham Sworn holds the position of Technical Fellow within DuPont Nutrition and Health.  He is part of the Discovery Group in Systems, Texturants and Emulsifiers R&D. He has a degree in Food Science from Southbank University, London and was awarded a Ph.D in 1998 by Canfield University for his thesis entitled ‘Novel gellan gum gels: Scientific and technological aspects’.  He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of hydrocolloid encompassing a wide range of products including, xanthan, gellan, alginate, guar, cellulose gum, LBG and carrageenan.

Dr Claus Rolin, 2015

Claus Rolin has a PhD from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and has been employed with CP Kelco (and companies that merged into CP Kelco) since 1984.

Dr. Rolin has worked with the entire value-chain for commercial pectin including raw materials, manufacturing processes and uses. Lately, a major focus has been the use of HM-pectin for stabilizing acidified milk drinks

Professor Peter A. Williams, 2013

Professor P.A. Williams is Professor of Polymer and Colloid Chemistry and Director of the Centre for Water Soluble Polymers at Glyndwr University which is internationally recognised for its work in the characterisation and properties of polysaccharides. He has over 30 years experience in the synthesis, physicochemical characterisation, solution and interfacial properties of polysaccharides (and other water soluble polymers).

Professor Mike Gidley, 2012

Mike Gidley graduated in Chemistry from Imperial College, University of London, and obtained a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Cambridge in 1981. He worked at the Unilever Research Laboratories, Colworth House, UK from 1981 until 2003, when he moved to take up the position of Director of the Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences at The University of Queensland, Australia.

Professor Ian T. Norton, 2011

Prof. Ian Norton (BA, DPhil, FRSC, FIChemE, CChem, CEng) graduated in Chemistry from the University of York in 1977 and obtained a PhD in “Fast Reaction Kinetics of Polysaccharides” from the same University in 1980. During his PhD study he worked with Dr. David Goodall, Prof. Ed Morris and Prof. Dai Rees.

Professor Katsuyoshi Nishinari, June 2010

Professor Katsuyoshi Nishinari is currently working as a specially appointed professor at Glyn O Phillips Hydrocolloids Research Centre, Department of Bioengineering and Food Science, Hubei University of Technology since 2013. Master thesis “Electric Birefringence of Polymer Solutions”, PhD thesis “Vibrational Properties of Viscoelastic Materials”. (Both from The University of Tokyo). Joined National Food Research Institute (Japan).

Professor John Michell, Trust Medal winner 2008

During his time at Nottingham he has been involved in the supervision of more than sixty graduate research students.  With John Blanshard he was the founding co-editor of the journal Carbohydrate Polymers (1981) and organised the seminal meeting on Polysaccharides in Food (1978). He has been extensively involved in teaching hydrocolloid science. He has published 180 research papers and patents and edited  five books.

Professor Glyn O. Phillips, Trust Medal winner June 2007

Professor Phillips is currently Chairman of Research Transfer Ltd, Phillips Hydocolloids Research Ltd, the Cellucon and Trusts and the Wrexham  Gums and Stabilisers Conferences. He is a Visiting Professor  and Fellow at the North East Wales Institute (University of Wales) and a Consultant to several industrial organisations, including to the Association for the International Promotion of Gums.