Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.


The efficacy of sulfated polysaccharides from the red seaweeds: Chondrus crispus, Palmaria palmata, Gymnogongrus devoniensis and Sarcodiotheca gaudichaudii in modulating the immune functions of RAW 264.7 cells

Amal D Premarathna


Seaweed flour as ‘clean label’ texturizer for plant-based yogurt alternatives

Selene Gonzalez


Yogurt products functionalisation with peach-extracted pectin and polyphenols

Christos Ritzoulis


A Food Polymer Science Perspective on the Potential of Rare Sugars as Sucrose Replacers in Biscuits

Julia Rodriguez Garcia


The emulsifying activities and stabilities of pectin-like polymers extracted from tomatoes

Onome Obodo-Ovie


Seaweed flour as ‘clean label’ texturizer for plant-based yogurt alternatives

Selene Gonzalez


Development of aerated oleogel/hydrogel mixtures suitable for Food 3D Printing of personalized cannabis edibles.

Eleftherios Andriotis


Rheological properties of a new polysaccharide isolated from Treculia africana fruit pulp

Louis Nwokocha


Improving the survival of probiotics via in situ re-culture in calcium alginate gel beads

Fang Zhong


Exploring Flavor Molecule Binding and Encapsulation by Starch Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Jeffrey Sanders


Alfalfa gum. Part II: Impact on the colloidal aspects and digestibility of milk proteins during in vitro digestion

Thierry Hellebois


Alfalfa gum. Part I: insights into the rheological and structure conformation properties of a novel galactomannan

Thierry Hellebois


Study of the lyoprotective and stabilising effect of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) protein isolate on Lactocaseibacillus rhamnosus GG

Jennyfer Fortuin


An agar structured fluid prepared by pipe wall shear as a dysphagia diet

ke zhang


Alginate-chitosan microgels at interfaces. Structural, interfacial and emulsion stability aspects



Effect of alkaline extraction agents on wheat bran arabinoxylans gelling capacity



Chitosan and chitosan-based nanoparticles for antibacterial control

Peter Anthony Williams


The Tale of a Shear-thickening Biomacromolecule from the New Zealand Black Tree Fern

Akshay Bisht


Exploring the physicochemical attributes of a low-fat yogurt-type product after the incorporation of bacterial cellulose

Panagiota Tsafrakidou


Flow and reconstitution properties of maize germ oleosomes emulsion stabilized with sodium caseinate

Anthia Matsakidou