Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.


Coil-helix transition of -carrageenan influenced by β-lactoglobulin

Katsuyoshi Nishinari


Modulating molecular and structural arrangement of starch for controlled digestion using vitamins

Pallab Kumar Borah
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Food tribology – a promising and challenging tool for the determination of food friction properties

Kenneth Kieserling


Mullein extracts as possible emulsion stabilizers

Maciej Jarzebski


New approaches for pectin extraction from sunflower head residue

Zayniddin Muhidinov


Functionality of xanthan gum and Tween 80 during digestion of o/w emulsions

Ana Salvador



Ana Salvador


Rheological characterization of a pectin extracted from ponkan (Citrus reticulate Blanco cv. Ponkan) peel

Carmen Petkowicz


Extraction and characterization of pectin from cubiu (Solanum sessiliflorum) peel

Carmen Petkowicz


Gels of ferulated arabinoxylans extracted from distillers dried grains with solubles: Rheology, structural parameters and microstructure

Elizabeth Carvajal-Millan


Effect of monovalent cations on calcium-induced assemblies of kappa carrageenan

Peter Williams


Biodegradable food packaging films from cereal arabinoxylans

Senay Simsek


Reducing fat digestion through cellulose ether emulsions.

Teresa Sanz Taberner


Improving the functional properties of soy protein materials with thiol groups from chicken feathers

Pedro Guerrero


Okra pectin as lecithin substitute in chocolate

Vassilis Kontogiorgos


Isolation, characterization and functional properties of pectin from six different okra genotypes

Vassilis Kontogiorgos


Isolation and characterization of dietary fibre from blackcurrant pomace

Vassilis Kontogiorgos


Effect of ionic strength on enzymatic polymerisation and acid-induced gelation of caseinate

Norbert Raak


Super corn fiber gum and its enhanced properties

Madhav Yadav


Dietary Fibre for Glycemia Control: Towards a mechanistic understanding

H Douglas Goff
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