Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.


Thermal degradation of citrus pectin - Influence of acidic and alkaline pre-treatment

Hydrocolloid based encapsulated air micro particles for innovative food manufacture

The Influences of Methyl Cellulose and Psyllium and Their Applications in a Flour-Water System with Medium Water Content (ca. 55%).

Fluid release from polysaccharide-based gels study

Response Surface Methodology Study on the effects of yellow konjac:kappa-carrageenan gels and red koji rice on restructured meat

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Effect of NaCl on physicochemical properties of xanthan gum – water chestnut starch complexes

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Release, Recovery and Functionalization of Pectic Hydrocolloids from Citrus Juice Processing Biomass

Influence of whey protein+cellulose nanocrystals at the oil/ water (O/W) interface – impact on in vitro gastric digestion

Multiscale evaluation from one bubble to the foam of surface active properties of cellulose derivatives used for a starchy model sponge cake

Emulsifying properties of tomato industry waste: Influence of environmental conditions

Preparation of novel emulsion gels and emulsion microgel particles using modified starch

Starch-carrageenan interactions in aqueous media: Role of each polysaccharide chemical and macromolecular characteristics

Physiochemical and rheological properties of grape juice containing Chubak extract and egg white

Plenary: Bio-Refinery and Cell Factory Approaches towards Third Generation Chitosans

Functional Protein-Polysaccharide Complexes

Functional properties of urea incorporated wheat protein films

Developing a whole range of new hydrocolloids - the production and modification of alternan

Processing of carrots leads to changes in pectin structure

Processing of carrots leads to changes in pectin structure

The physicochemical properties of rice bran extracts with ultrasonic treatment