Accommodation is available at the conference venue. The number of rooms is limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis. There is a special rate for Conference delegates.


Other accommodation options

Hotel name


Official website

Walking distance from conference venue

Capsis Bristol Boutique Hotel Thessaloniki

2, Oplopiou & Katouni str., 54625,

Thessaloniki, Greece

3 min

ad Imperial Plus Hotel Thessaloniki

8, Egnatia str., 54626, Thessaloniki, Greece

7 min

Antigon Urban Chic Hotel

15, Adigonidon str., 54630, Thessaloniki, Greece

7 min

City Hotel Thessaloniki

11, Komninon Str., 54624, Thessaloniki, Greece

8 min

Blue Bottle Boutique Hotel

16, Episkopou Amvrosiou, str., 54630, Thessaloniki

10 min

Park Hotel

81, Ionos Dragoumi Str., 54630, Thessaloniki, Greece

14 min

Egnatia Palace / Aegeon Hotels Group

31, Egnatia str., 54631, Thessaloniki, Greece

15 min

Domotel Olympia

65, Olimpou, str., 54631, Thessaloniki, Greece

16 min