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  Tuesday June 11th 2019
13h00 Registration
15h00 Welcome
Professor Peter Williams, Dr. Graham Sworn and Professor Koro de la Caba
  Plenary Session 1. Chair: Dr Graham Sworn (DuPont)
15h15 Dr. Paulo Fernandes (Nestlé)
Food Industry: Natural landscape on hydrocolloid use
  New sources of polysaccharides and proteins
Chair: Dr. Graham Sworn (DuPont)
Innovative techniques of characterization and processing
Chair Prof. Peter Williams (Glyndŵr University)
15h55 01 Isolation and characterization of polysaccharides extracted from baobab
V. Offiah K. Alba, K. Falade, and V. Kontogiorgos
University of Huddersfield, UK
University of Ibadan, Nigeria
07 Non-invasive evaluation of weighting agent efficiency for beverage emulsion stabilization
C. Tisserand, R. Ramsch, G. Brambilla, G. Meunier
Formulaction, 3-5 Rue Paule Raymondis, 31200 Toulouse, France
16h20 02 Rheological characterization of baobab pectins
M. Dimopoulou, V. Offiah , K. Alba , A. Smith, A. Angelis-Dimakis, V. Kontogiorgos
University of Huddersfield, UK
08 Modelling whey protein gelation under ohmic heating – effects of electric field strength, frequency and heating kinetics
Rui M. Rodrigues*, Zita Avelar, Luiz H. Fasolin, António A. Vicente and Ricardo N. Pereira
University of Minho, Portugal
16h45 Coffee Break
  Chair: Prof. Margurite Rinaudo Chair: Dr. Claus Rolin (CPKelco)
17h20 03 Exopolysaccharides-pigment complex from liquid fermentation of Monascus purpureus (Hong Qu): structural and functional relationships
Qingbin Guo, Steve W. Cui, Nifei Wang, Zhenjing Li, Changlu Wang, N.V. Nepovinnykh and H. Douglas Goff
Tianjin University, China.
University of Guelph, Canada
Saratov State Agrarian University, Russia
09 Stability evaluation of highly concentrated emulsions using Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy (DWS)
R Ramsch, Y Nagazi, E Woodcock, G Brambilla, Y Lefeuvre, G Meunier
Formulaction, Toulouse, France
17h45 04 Functional components from sorghum bran, bagasse and biomass
Madhav P. Yadav and Shuang Qiu
U. S. Department of Agriculture, USA
Cornell University, USA
10 Impact of microfluidization on the microstructure and functional properties of pea hull fibre
R. Morales-Medina, B. Dong, S. Schalow, S. Drusch.
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
18h10 05 The active performance of gallic acid-incorporated chitosan films
I. Zarandona, A. I. Puertas, M. T. Dueñas, P. Guerrero and K. de la Caba
University of the Basque Country Spain.
11 Chitosans and cyclodextrin polymers to design new biodegradable antifungal coating
A Loron, C Gardrat1, V Atanasova-Penichon, N. Tabary, B. Martel and V Coma
Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques, France
Department Centre INRA de Nouvelle Aquitaine—Bordeaux, France
Université de Lille Batiment, France
18h35 06 Bioinspired food waste-based nanofibres and scaffolds to generate novel food functionalities
Y. Gonzalez-Espinosa, R. Chanderballi, Katariina Liang, M. Collado-Gonzalez, E. Simone, P. Metcalfe and F. M. Goycoolea
University of Leeds, UK
Biopower Technologies Ltd., UK
12 Effect of high-pressure processing on the physico- chemical, microbiological and rheological properties of reconstituted micellar casein concentrates
N Iturmendi, U Galarza, A García, L Fernández-García, H Lucena, T Fernández and JI Maté
Universidad Pública de Navarra. Spain
19h00 Welcome Tapas
  Wednesday June 12th 2019
  Plenary Session 2. Chair: Prof. Katsuyoshi Nishinari (HUT, China)
9h00 Prof. Taco Nicolai (Le Mans Université)
Heat induced gelation of casein micelles: Effects of adding minerals and whey
9h40 Prof. Bettina Wolf (University of Birmingham)
Consumer-driven hydrocolloid based food design considering interactions with saliva
  Effects of hydrocolloids on oral processing and tribology
Chair: Mr. Johann Lukanowski (Doehler)
Hydrocolloid structure and functionality
Chair: Dr. Paulo Fernandes (Nestlé)
10h20 13 Invited Lecture: Oral lubrication: From microgels to real food applications
Anwesha Sarkar
University of Leeds, UK
19 Impact of sodium ions on material properties, storage stability and gelation of citrus pectin
U Einhorn-Stoll, H Kastner, A Fatouros and S Drusch
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
10h50 14 Correlating rheology and oral lubrication with sensory properties – A non-fat hydrogel perspective
EM Krop, MM Hetherington, M Holmes, S Miquel and A Sarkar
University of Leeds, UK
Mars Wrigley Confectionery, USA
20 Design of pectin-based hydrogels with tuneble structures M. Börjesson, A. Maire du Poset, P. Fouilloux, C. Loupiac, A. Assifaoui, A. Ström and F. Cousin
Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Laboratoire Léon Brillouin, France.
AgroSup Dijon Université de Bourgogne, France.
11h15 Coffee / Posters
11h50 15 Effect of continuum shear rheology on the oral tribology of protein microgels
Efren Andablo-Reyes and Anwesha Sarkar
University of Leeds, UK
21 Methyl esterification patterns of commercial and chemically modified pectins E Jermendi, M Beukema, P de Vos and H. Schols Wageningen University and University Medical Center Gronigen, Netherlands
12h15 16 Multiscale rheology of hydrocolloid microgel suspensions
HM Shewan, JR Stokes
The University of Queensland, Australia
22 Comparison on structural characteristics, rheological properties and antioxidant activities of polysaccharides from okra by different preparation methods
Lu-Yao Ma, Hai-Feng Lin, Zhe Wang, Jun-Yi Yin
Nanchang University, China
12h40 17 Role of viscosity and cohesiveness in safe swallowing
K Nishinari, M Turcanu, M.Nakauma and Y Fang
Hubei University of Technology, China
Fresenius Kabi, Germany
San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Japan
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
23 Structure and emulsifying properties of nanoparticles of natural gums
N. Sagawa, N. Isobe, S. Okada, Y. Kanasaki, K. Kinoshita, T. Miuchi, M. Nishino and S. Deguchi
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Japan
San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc., Japan
13h05 18 Rheological characterization of ready-to-serve products designed for patients with dysphagia
E Sanmartín, F Goiri, and I Peral
AZTI, Spain
24 Effect of salts on microstructural, pasting and thermal properties of Water Chestnut Starch
Zubala Lutfi, Abid Hasnain
University of Karachi, Pakistan
13h30 Lunch / Posters
  Wednesday June 12th 2019
  Polysaccharide interactions and rheology
Chair: Dr. V. Kontogiogos (University of Huddersfield)
Bioactive hydrocolloids
Chair: Prof. Steve Cui (University of Guelph)
15h00 25 Ca2+-induced gelation of k-carrageenan
J.P. Doyle, P. Giannouli, R.K. Richardson and E.R. Morris*
University College Cork, Ireland
University of Thessaly, Greece
Cranfield University, UK
31 Structure and gastroproptective activity of a water-soluble beta-D-(1,6) glucan from the fruiting body of Hercicium erinaceus Ming-Yong Xie*
Nanchang University, China
15h25 26 Adsorption behaviour of hydroxypropyl cellulose derivatives on hydrophobic surfaces: Impact of bile salts
J Zornjak, A Ester, K Edgar and C Fernandez-Fraguas Virgunia tech, USA
32 Arabinoxylan alleviates acute colitis by altering colon symptoms
Jie-Lun Hu, Shao-Ping Nie*, Qiao Ding, Jun-Yi Yin, Dan-Fei Huang, Ming-Yong Xie*
Nanchang University, China
15h50 27 Characterization of the molecular properties of as an alternative rigid rod molecule to xanthan gum Xinxin Li, Yudong Lu, Gary Adams, Hanne Zobel, Simon Balance, Bettina Wolf, Stephen Harding
University of Nottingham, UK
Nofima AS, Norway
University of Birmingham, UK
33 Dendronan reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by modulating the host inflammatory response and gut microbiota composition
XiaoJun Huang, ShaoPing Nie*, JieLun Hu, Wei Tong, Zhiqiang Que, Glyn O. Phillips, MingYong Xie, Steve W. Cui*
Nanchang University, China
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada
Glyndŵr University, UK
Phillips Hydrocolloids Research Ltd., UK
16h15 28 Temperature influences on network formation of low DE maltodextrin gels KM Kanyuck, AB Norton-Welch, TB Mills, IT Norton
University of Birmingham, UK
34 Glucomannans alleviated the progression of diabetic kidney disease by improvement of kidney glucose, lipids, amino acids metabolism and urea cycle
HaiHong Chen, QiXing Nie, JieLun Hu, XiaoJun Huang, ShaoPing Nie*
Nanchang University, China
16h40 Coffee / Posters
17h15 29 External stress leads to structure disruption of exopolysaccharides from lactic acid bacteria
C Nachtigall, C Berger, T Kovanović, D Wefers, D Jaros and H Rohm
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
35 Metabolomics and lipidomics revealed hypolipidemic and hypocholesterolemic and effects of arabinoxylan in type 2 diabetic rats
Qixing Nie, Haihong Chen, Jielun Hu, Shaoping Nie*
Nanchang University, China
17h40 30 Polysaccharides from sunflower stalk pith: Structure and functionality S. Cui Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada 36 Structural and conformational properties of glucomannans from Amorphophallus tubers and Aloe gels Shao-Ping Nie
Nanchang University, China
18h05 Food Hydrocolloid Trust Medal Lecture.Prof. Marguerite Rinaudo
Chair: Dr Graham Sworn (DuPont)
18h55 Presentation of Medal
19h00 Poster session sponsored by Elsevier with Tapas and Drinks
  Thursday June 13th 2019
  Plenary Session 3. Chair: Prof. Francisco Goycoolea (University of Leeds)
9h00 Prof. Julian McClements (University of Massachusetts)
Rational design of hydrocolloid-based oral delivery systems for bioactive agents
9h40 Prof. Frederic Debeaufort (University of Bourgogne)
Use of gelatins and chitosans encapsulating natural extracts for the development of active bio-packaging: a review and latest results
  Encapsulation and controlled release of actives using hydrocolloids
Chair: Prof. Julian McClements (University of Massachusetts)
Hydrocolloids in formulation and process design
Chair: Prof. Antonio Guerrero (Universidad de Sevilla)
10h20 37 Encapsulation of model actives in fluid gels
F Smaniotto, I Zafeiri, V Prosapio and F Spyropoulos
University of Birmingham, UK
44 Structure formation and gel-properties in pea-protein based yoghurt-alternatives
Klost, M. and S. Drusch
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
10h45 38 Invited Lecture: Function of modified starch as an emulsifier and moderator for the controlled release of bioactive compounds
Fang Zhong, Wei Liu, Rong Liang, Quanquan Lin
Ministry of Education,China
Jiangnan University, China
Zhejiang Gongshang University, China
45 Starch suspension mouthfeel. Correlating sensory and rheological properties
SS Wong, J Whaley, and S Zhou
Tate and Lyle Singapore / USA
11h15 Coffee / Posters
11h50 39 Protein/polysaccharide co-precipitates for the independent co-delivery of two actives from simple o/w emulsions
F Spyropoulos, D Kurukji, P Taylor, IT Norton
University of Birmingham, UK
Syngenta Ltd, UK
46 Molecular interactions between beta-casein and phenolic acids under ultra-high temperature conditions
L Condict, J Kaur, A Hung, S Kasapis, J Ashton
RMIT University, Australia
Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company, Australia
12h15 40 Microencapsulation of ginger oil by complex coacervation in batch stirring and atomization: effects of the concentration of wall material
S Ferreira, MM Dragosavac, VR Nicoletti
São Paulo State University – Brazil
Loughborough University, UK
47 Replacement of sucrose with sweeteners in jelly desserts with additives of cereal flour
N.V. Nepovinnykh, O.N. Kliukina, N.M. Belova, S. Yeganehzad and N.M. Ptichkina
Saratov State Agrarian University, Russia
Research Institute of Food Science and Technology, Iran
12h40 41 Probiotic encapsulation by heteroprotein coacervation and comparison with protein/polysaccharide coacervate
Meng Zhao, Xue Huang, Michael Gaenzle, Katsuyoshi Nishinari, Yapeng Fang
Hubei University of Technology, China;
University of Alberta, Canada
48 Effect of stabilizers on the rheological properties of sugar solutions analyzed at negative temperature
Véronique Masselot, Hayat Benkhelifa, Véronique Bosc
Irstea, France
AgroParisTech, France
13h05 42 Optimization of membrane emulsification parameters and polymer ratio/pH for microencapsulation through Complex Coacervation
S Ferreira, VR Nicoletti, MM Dragosavac
São Paulo State University, Brazil
Loughborough University, UK
49 Rheological behaviour of low fat cocoa creams based on cellulose ether emulsions
M. Espert, T. Sanz, A. Salvador and M.J. Hernández
Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos
Universitat de València, Spain.
13h30 Lunch / Posters
  Thursday June 13th 2019
  Encapsulation and controlled release of actives using hydrocolloids
Chair: Prof. Fang Zhong (Jiangnan University)
Hydrocolloids in formulation and process design
Chair: Prof. Anwesha Sarkar (University of Leeds)
15h00 43 Effect of ribose-induced Maillard reaction on gelatine scaffoldsˈ properties prepared by indirect 3D printing and freeze-drying methods
M Stevenson, J Long, P Guerrero, K de la Caba, and A Etxabide
AUT University, New Zealand
University of the Basque Country, Spain
50 Off flavour development and viscosity changes in high oat fibre UHT model beverages
J Ashton, L Katopo, N Alqahtani, J Kaur, S Kasapis,
RMIT University, Australia
Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company, Australia
  Polysaccharide and protein films and coatings
Chair: Prof. Fang Zhong (Jiangnan University)
Novel functionality from mixed hydrocolloid systems
Chair: Prof. Anwesha Sarkar (University of Leeds)
15h25 51 Antiviral edible coatings based on marine polysaccharides
M.J. Fabra, I. Falcó, W. Randazzo, G. Sánchez and A. López-Rubio
University of Valencia, Spain
53 Role of the non-covalent and covalent protein–polysaccharide associative interactions in the functionality of the innovative ingredients for the fortification of food with essential lipids
MG Semenova, AS Antipova, EI Martirosova, DV Zelikina, NP Palmina, SA Chebotarev, MD Gureeva, YV Samuseva, NG Bogdanova, VV Kasparov, VI Binyukov, and KO Muranov
Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Russia
15h50 52 Properties of fish gelatin film containing epigallocatechin gallate fabricated by thermo-compression molding
K Nilsuwan, P Guerrero, K de la Caba, S Benjakul and T Prodpran
Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
University of the Basque Country, Spain
54 Preparation and characterization of pea protein isolate-maltodextrin conjugates from ultrafine electrospun fibers
Ines Kutzli, Daniela Griener, Dario Beljo, Monika Gibis, Stefan K. Baier, Jochen Weiss
University of Hohenheim, Germany
PepsiCo, USA
16h15 Coffee / Posters
  Dietary fibre and prebiotic hydrocolloids
Chair: Dr. Ulrike Einhorn-Stoll (Technische Universität Berlin)
Novel functionality from mixed hydrocolloid systems
Chair: Prof. Bettina Wolf (University of Birmingham)
16h40 59 Polymer-coated Pickering emulsions as a strategy to control in vitro gastric digestion
Andrea Araiza Calahorra, Alan R. Mackie, Anwesha Sarkar
University of Leeds, UK
55 Structural characterization and molecular interactions of β-lactoglobulin, levan and their mixtures
C.S. Hundschell, S. Drusch and A.M. Wagemans
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
17h10 60 Effects of sucrose addition on the rheological properties of citrus peel fiber suspensions before and after drying
Guéba Agoda-Tandjawa,*, Jacques Mazoyer, Joël Wallecan, Virginie Langendorff
Cargill, France / Belgium
56 Acid-induced gelation of the mixtures of k-carrageenan and fractal whey protein aggregates
DS Liu and T Nicolai*
Le Mans Université, France
Jiangnan University, China
17h35 61 Enzymatically active (lactose hydrolyzing) biopolymers for food applications
M.J. Fabra, B Estevinho, N. Samaniego, I. Sebas, D. Talens-Perales, J. Marín-Navarro, A. López-Rubio and J. Polaina
Universidad de Valencia, Spain
57 Whey protein isolate (WPI) and carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) blend films: effect of CMC/WPI ratio on physicochemical properties
G. Azevedo, L.M. Pastrana and M.A. Cerqueira
International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal
18h00   58 The effect of cellulose and starch on the rheological and thermal properties of collagen paste
M Sobanwa, G Paul, NJ Watson and TJ Foster
University of Nottingham, UK
Devro Plc, UK.
20h00 Conference Dinner
  Friday June 14th 2019
  Plenary Session 4. Chair: Prof. Koro de la Caba (University of the Basque Country)
9h00 Prof. Antonio Guerrero (Universidad de Sevilla)
How rheology can help in the development and stability behaviour of protein-stabilized emulsions
  Hydrocolloids for stabilisation of emulsions and foams
Chair: Prof. Taco Nicolai (Le Mans Université)
Hydrocolloids in soft food nanomaterials
Chair: Prof. Frederick Debeaufort
(University of Bourgogne)
9h40 62 Emulsifying properties of gum ghatti treated with high thermal condition
K. Kinoshita, T. Miuchi, T. Matsukura, M. Sakata, N. Isobe, N. Sagawa, M. Tachioka, S. Deguchi and M. Nishino
San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc., Japan
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Japan
67 Fabrication of supramolecular complexes using valvejet 3D printing-aided colloidal self-assembly
S Vadodaria, Y He and T Mills
University of Birmingham, UK
University of Nottingham, UK
10h05 63 Investigating the emulsifying and emulsion stabilizing capacity of carrot pectin subdomains
B. Neckebroeck, S.H.E. Verkempinck, M.E. Hendrickx and A.M. Van Loey
KU Leuven, Belgium
68 Effect of protein source on the morphology and flow properties of protein-based emulsion particles used as texture modulators
Luca Amagliani, Elyes Ben Sassi, Johann Buczkowski and Christophe Schmitt
Nestlé, Switzerland
10h30 64 Atomic force microscopy studies of the nanomechanical properties of natural oil bodies
Nan Yang*, Chunxia Su,, Junji Jia, Robert L. Leheny, Katsuyoshi Nishinari, Yapeng Fang
Hubei University of Technology, China
Wuhan University, China
Johns Hopkins University, USA
69 Isolation and characterisation of amylose-lipid nanomaterials from maize starches modified with stearic acid
MN Emmambux, FC Ocloo and OC Wokadala
University of Pretoria, South Africa
10h55 65 The role of associative properties of spruce galactoglucomannans in emulsion stabilization
M Bhattarai, F Valoppi, PO Kilpeläinen and KS Mikkonen
University of Helsinki, Finland
Natural Resource Institute, Finland
70 Characterization of the mechanical response of pectin-based gels towards dispersing forces used in top down microgel formation processes
G.I. Saavedra Isusi, A. Drieß, H. P. Karbstein, U. S. van der Schaaf
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
11h20 66 Pickering emulsions stabilised by pea protein microgel particles: Influence of pH and ionic strength Shuning Zhang, Melvin Holmes, Rammile Ettelaie and Anwesha Sarkar
University of Leeds, UK
71 Brush-like polysaccharides with motif-specific interactions
Gleb E. Yakubov, Long Yu, Elliot P. Gilbert and Jason R. Stokes
University of Nottingham, UK
The University of Queensland, Australia
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australia
11.45 Closing remarks
  End of conference




List of Posters


P01 Changes in the molecular structure and functional properties of whey protein isolate (WPI) caused by heat-induced interaction with sugar beet pectin (SBP) in solution

PX Qi and Y Xiao


P02 Development of chitosan films containing α-, β-, or γ-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes for controlled release of food aroma.

I Zarandona, C Barba, P Guerrero, K de la Caba and J Maté


P03 Design of an oleogel, utilising high oleic sunflower oil with sunflower wax, as a shortening replacer for saturated fat reduction in short dough biscuits

Veronica Giacintucci, Lisa Methven, Julia Rodriguez Garcia


P04 Effects of stabiliser and accelerated storage on rheological, textural and physiochemical properties of high-protein peanut butter.

Adam Byrne and Julia Rodriguez Garcia


P05 Influence of ferulic acid and intermolecular cross-linking on the emulsifying properties
of sugar beet pectin

B. Bindereif, H. P. Karbstein, U. S. van der Schaaf


P06 Behaviour of aroma (1-hexanal and phenol) sorption on the properties of chitosan-gelatin edible films according the RH level

N. Benbettaieb, C. O’Connel, A.M. Seuvre and F. Debeaufort


P07 Potential of exopolysaccharides from lactic acid bacteria for the stabilisation of emulsions

G Surber, J Bulla, T Schauer, D Jaros and H Rohm


P8 pH-responsive release of trans-2-hexenal from chitosan films based on dynamic imine linkages and their application in antifungal packaging

R Heras-Mozos, R Gavara and P Hernández-Muñoz


P9 Effects of rheological and tribological properties of hydrogels compared to individuals’ oro-physiological capabilities on oral processing behaviour

EM Krop, MM Hetherington and A Sarkar

P10 Integral valorisation of Faba-beans molecular compounds to nutritional texturized food products

Klara Nilsson, Rosana Moriana, Corine Sandström, Mikael Hedenqvist, Maud Langton


P11 Stability of β-Lactoglobulin micro- and nanostructures under various environmental conditions

LS Simoes, RM Rodrigues,AA Vicente and OL Ramos


P12 Improving controlled-release antioxidant properties of tea polyphenol nanoparticles-loaded gelatin films by adjusting encapsulation efficiency

Fei Liu, John Antoniou, Wallace Yokoyama and Fang Zhong


P13 Optical properties of regenerated cellulose and polyvinyl alcohol films combined with
glycerol or chitosan

Patricia Cazón Gonzalo Velazquez, Manuel Vázquez


P14 Evaluation of the UV-barrier properties and transparency of bacterial and vegetable regenerated cellulose films combined with polyvinyl alcohol and chitosan

Patricia Cazón, Gonzalo Velazquez, Manuel Vázquez


P15 Mechanical properties of nanofibrils made from faba bean and mung bean protein

A Herneke, D Johansson, C Lendel, W Newson, M Langton


P16 Carrageenan sulfatases: controlling the sulfation moieties of carrageenans

S. Mathieu, K. Ako and W Helbert


P17 Role of cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) skin protein hydrolysates on the bioactive properties of gelatin-based edible films

H.Kchaou, M.Jridi, N. Benbettaieb, F.Debeaufort, M. Nasri


P18 Acid gelation of enzymatically cross-linked caseins: From molecular level to network formation

N Raak, RA Abbate, S Boye, A Lederer, H Rohm and D Jaros


P19 Effect of fat concentration on structure and digestibility of o/w cellulose ether emulsions.

S. Martínez, M. Espert, A. Salvador and T. Sanz

P20 Technological characterization of marine fennel (Crithmum maritimum) extracts and the effect of its incorporation on the properties of edible films

Víctor Otero-Tuárez, Idoya Fernández-Pan, Teresa Fernández and Juan I. Maté


P21 Development and characterization of nano-emulsion-filled gels intended to supply omega-3 fatty acids into food products

Ana I. Bourbon, Marta Vieira, Miguel A. Cerqueira, Lorenzo Pastrana and Pablo Fuciños


P22 Carboxymethyl cellulose/lignin blended films: physicochemical and antioxidant properties

Michele Michelin, Arlete M. Marques, José A. Teixeira, Miguel A. Cerqueira


P23 The effects of polysaccharides incorporating into sodium caseinate-high melting point fat microparticles to the survival of probiotic bacteria during simulated gastrointestinal digestion and storage

Huan Liu, Joshua Gong, Steve W. Cui, Qi Wang, F Zhong


P24 Biological activities of enzymatically modified seaweed hydrocolloids

M Howlader, S Muzyed, R Tuvikene


P25 Using flour from oil flax seeds in technology of meat patés


O.N. Kliukina, N.A. Guskova, N.V. Nepovinnykh and N.M. Ptichkina



P26 Valorization of pectin from unripe papaya by conventional and subcritical water extraction

Santos Pedraza Guevara, Maria Helene Giovanetti Canteri, Maria Elena Ibañez Ezequiel , Revenli Fernanda Do Nascimento, Teresa Fernandez Ponce, Lourdes Casas Cardoso and Enrique Martinez de la Ossa


P27 Effects of caseinate−pea protein mixture on the physicochemical properties of oil-in-water nutritional emulsions and powders

Xiang Li, Yiming Feng, Biye Chen, Jiang Jiang, Yuanfa Liu


P28 Physicochemical, rheological properties and anti-oxidation activities of ulvan from Ulva pertusa Kjellm

Weishun Zeng, Jieteng Chen, Yunxue Li, Yifan Pan, Junyan Li and Hao Chen


P29 Physically crosslinked hydrogels based on poly (vinyl alcohol) and fish gelatin for wound dressing application: Fabrication and characterization

Liping Zhou, Shihui Pan, Tingwei Xu, Jicheng Yan, Xin Li and Hao Chen


P30 Development and characterization of fish gelatin/oxidized starch double network edible film catalysed by thermal treatment and Schiff’ base reaction

Hao Chen, Yuhao Dong, Peng Qiao, Zijing Liu, and Shuang Qiu


P31 Using of safflower seeds as a protein fortifier of shortbread biscuit

V.S. Kutsenkova, N.V. Nepovinnykh, Qingbin Guo and N.M. Ptichkina


P32 Aesculus hippocastanum extract as a potential antibacterial emulsion stabilizer

Maciej Jarzębski, Wojciech Smułek, Przemysław Siejak, Joanna Kobus-Cisowska, Danuta Pieczyrak, Hanna Maria Baranowska, Jarosław Jakubowicz, Mateusz Sopata, Tomasz Białopiotrowicz, Ewa Kaczorek


P33 Effect of chitosan on the foaming and emulsifying properties of the complexes of milk proteins with biologically active lipids

DV Zelikina, SA Chebotarev, MD Gureeva, YV Samuseva, AS Antipova, EI Martirosova, and MG Semenova


P34 Influence of pasteurization treatments on the physico-chemical, microbiological and rheological properties of reconstituted micellar casein concentrates

N Iturmendi, A García, U Galarza, B Martínez, H Lucena, C Barba, I Arozarena,
JI Maté


P35 Functional properties of the ternary complexes: maltodextrin–milk protein–essential lipids.

DV Zelikina, MD Gureeva, SA Chebotarev, YV Samuseva, AS Antipova, EI Martirosova, and MG Semenova


P36 Rheological behaviour of micellar casein concentrates solutions

T Flores, N Iturmendi, T Fernández-García, JI Maté


P37 Biopolymer-based nanoparticles: effect of production conditions in size average, polydispersity and zeta potential

G Azevedo, LM Pastrana and MA Cerqueira


P38 Effect of molecular weight and k-carrageenan on Delonix regia galactomannan film forming solutions properties and films made thereof

W Rodriguez-Canto, L Chel-Guerrero, LM Pastrana, MA Cerqueira, M Aguilar-Vega


P39 Modification of resistant starch nanoparticles using High Pressure Homogenization treatment

Eftychios Apostolidis, Panagiotis Chaloulos, Ioanna Mandala


P40 Drying of fruit of Opuntia ficus-indica and the effects on its physical characteristics

Panagiotis Giannopoulos, Panagiotis Chaloulos, Eftychios Apostolidis, Ioanna Mandala


P41 Rice bran arabinoxylan and oligosaccharide products for investigating food and immune response function

BJ Savary, K Takahashi, D Kandanool, J Xu, and S-O Lee


P42 Animal fat replacer for vegan sausage analogues – influence of protein content on textural and viscoelastic properties of emulsion gels

Johannes Dreher, Monika Gibis and Jochen Weiss


P43 Valorization of Gelidium sesquipedale seaweed for the production of polysaccharide-based fractions with interest in food applications

M Martínez-Sanz, JP de Oliveira, LG Gómez-Mascaraque, A Martínez-Abad and A López-Rubio


P44 Development of biomimetic mucus gel material

Mar Collado-González, Yadira González Espinosa and Francisco M Goycoolea


P45 Comparison on physicochemical properties of non-starch polysaccharides extracted from highland barley by water and alkali extraction

Hao-Ying-Ye Yao, Jun-Yi Yin, Ming-Yong Xie, Shao-Ping Nie


P46 Asparagus officinalis polysaccharide fermented with lactobacillus plantarum NCU116: characterization, antioxidative, and bio-activities

Zhi-Hong Zhang, Song-Tao Fan, Dan-Fei Huang, Tao Xiong, Shao-Ping Nie, Ming-Yong Xie


P47 Polysaccharide from the seeds of Plantago asiatica L. alleviates nonylphenol exposure induced reproductive system injury of male rats via PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway

Fen-Fen Li, Dan-Fei Huang, Wei-Yu Yang, Shao-Ping Nie, Ming-Yong Xie

P48 Passive microrheology – A powerful tool for the analysis of low fat formulations stabilised by hydrocolloid

R Ramsch, Y Nagazi, G Brambilla, Y Lefeuvre, E Woodcock and G Meunier


P49 Plant protein efficiency evaluation in food applications

C. Tisserand, R. Ramsch, E Woodcock, G. Brambilla, Y LefeuvreG. Meunier


P50 Stabilization of beverages with gellan gum

Lise Stouby, Lise Kristensen and Graham Sworn


P51 A novel class of xanthan derivatives for preparing stable oil-in-water emulsions

Céline Fantou, Sébastien Comesse , Michel Grisel and Frédéric Renou


P52 Ultra-high pressure homogenisation: a tool for modifying the technological functionality of thickening agents for developing innovative food emulsions with less additives

E Puértolas, S Alvarez-Sabatel, E Sanmartin, D Fleckenstein, B Pareyt, L Moreta, and P Gómez


P53 Pullulan/ Hydroxypropyl--Cyclodextrin electrospun fibers as encapsulation matrices of Quercetin

D Poudel, S O’Keefe and C Fernández-Fraguas


P54 Bile acid retention of structurally modified common bean matrices during in vitro digestion

T Lin, S O’Keefe and C Fernández-Fraguas


P55 High internal phase canola oil-in-water Pickering emulsions stabilised by cellulose nanocrystals (CNC)

L Sridharan, SH Hosseini-Parvar and M Lad


P56 Food starches and flours as texture agents and stabilizers for clean label and gluten free white sauce

R. Llorente Holgado.


P57 3D-printed functional cookies fortified with A. platensis: evaluation of its antioxidant potential and physical-chemical characterisation

MV Vieira, SM Oliveira, IR. Amado, LH Fasolin, AA Vicente, LM Pastrana and P Fucinos


P58 Conformational characterization and in vitro fermentation profiles of flaxseed rhamnogalacturonan-I (RG-I)

Huihuang H. Ding, Steve W. Cui, Ke-Ying Qian, Qingbin Guo, H. Douglas Goff, and Qi Wang


P59 Extraction and characterizations of gelatin from camel skins

Ahmed A. Al-Hassan


P60 Physicochemical Properties of the Ultrahigh Methoxylated Pectin

JRLiu, X Hua, Jin T, RJ Yang and YP Cao