Call for abstracts

Delegates are invited to submit an abstract for a poster presentations in the following areas

Deadline April 30th 2019


Hydrocolloid structure and functionality

New characterization techniques

Physical, chemical and enzymic modification of hydrocolloids for enhanced performance

New sources of polysaccharides and proteins including from food and agricultural waste streams

Novel functionality through in mixed hydrocolloid systems

Polysaccharide and protein films and coatings

Hydrocolloids in formulation design including clean label formulations

Hydrocolloids for stabilisation of emulsions and foams

Hydrocolloids for the design of functional foods

Strategies for encapsulation and controlled release of actives (phytochemicals, flavour, micronutrients, etc.) using hydrocolloids

Hydrocolloids in soft food nanomaterials (e.g. nanofibers).

Effects of hydrocolloids on oral processing and tribology

Hydrocolloids and the microbiome