Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.


Plenary: Upgrading food processing side streams

Masterclass: Rheology: The Key to Success?

okra gum-bulk extraction and chemical analysis

Impact of pH and ionic strength on the emulsification properties of citrus pectin

Masterclass: An Introduction to Tribology

Effects of hydrocolloids on lowering blood glucose

Functional dairy-protein based aggregates for designing food formulations

Enable Fat Reduced Deep Fried Food and Meat Products by Cellulose Ethers - Final

Where polymers and particles meet

Effect of calcium chloride on the glass transition of condensed starch systems

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Masterclass: Micro-Rheological Characterization of Hydrocolloids

Masterclass: An introduction to tribology

Masterclass: Probing The Links Between Food Structure And Function With Force Microscopy

Nanoencapsulation of capsaicin and its effect on sensation of pungency

Persian Gum and Gum Arabic: A Comparative Study on Their Rheological and Functional Properties- A Review

Study on nano-emulsion stabilized by mixtures of Phosphatidylcholine and Lysophosphatidylcholine using NMR

Masterclass: Using DLS-Microrheology and Raman Spectroscopy to probe self-assembly and gelation mechanisms in food based complex fluids

Encapsulation of bioactive ingredient extracts from pecan nut shell using gum arabic/maltodextrin and zein proteins

The production and mechanical properties of Red Algae polysaccharides/ Maltodextrin Paselli SA2 sheared gel mixtures

A novel emulsifier based on hydrophobically-modified Acacia Seyal