2023 Conference Abstracts

Strategies for the manufacture of adipose tissue mimetics using hydrocolloids

Alejandro Marangoni


Chitosan properties and electrospinning applications

Eftychios Apostolidis


Functional particles for novel micro-structured food manufactured by membrane emulsification

Marijana Dragosavac


Hydrothermal treatments assisted by emerging technologies: an effective alternative to obtain gluten-free ingredients with improved properties

Felicidad Ronda


Preparation and characterization of alginate beads loaded with tomato carotenoids-enriched sunflower oil



Can microwave-treated rice flour replace the hydroxy-propyl-methyl-cellulose in gluten-free bread formulation?

Marina Villanueva


Hydrocolloids from Aloe vera: Extraction, characterisation, and rheological studies

Christos Ritzoulis


Preparation and evaluation of chitosan films with alternative acidifiers

Anastasia Loukri


Functionality of β-glucans in dairy products

Reza Karimi


Production and Evaluation of Chitosan-Coated Nanoliposomes for Caffeine Encapsulation

Rezvan Shaddel


Plant based particles for cell and vitamin encapsulation manufactured by membrane emulsification

Lisa Barrett


Production and Evaluation of Chitosan-Coated Nanoliposomes for Caffeine Encapsulation

Rezvan Shaddel


How does the structure of carbohydrate polymers in foods impact the community composition of the human microbiome?

Fred Warren


Revisit of Yellow Mustard Gum: Large Scale/Solvent Free Processing, Characterizations and Applications

Steve Cui


Gelatin gels as carriers of cryoconcentrated extracts from Chilean berries rich in bioactive compounds and antiglycemic agents

Guillermo Petzold


Immunomodulatory activities of non-degraded and degraded funoran extracted from Gloiopeltis furcata



Physicochemical properties of alkaline extracted wheat bran arabinoxylans as affected by pre-treatment with ammonia under mild conditions



Thermo-mechanical corn starch modification: effect on physical and techno-functional properties

Marco Faieta


Production of firm skimmed yoghurts with reconstituted micellar casein and microparticulated whey protein: effect of microparticulation and protein’s ratio

Oihane Jaso Ripodas


Foam-mat drying of prickly pear and beetroot: Drying kinetics and comparison with conventional drying methods

Panagiotis Chaloulos