2023 Conference Abstracts

Rheological behaviour of egg yolk-free mayonnaise-type emulsions stabilised with Tenebrio molitor larvae proteins

Adamantini Paraskevopoulou


Functional edible films and coatings integrated with encapsulated oregano essential oil: characterization and application on meat products

Adamantini Paraskevopoulou


Development of a bio-based coating with barrier properties

Peter Williams


Surface impermeabilization of paper using bio-based polymer coating for food packaging application.

Peter Williams


PLA multilayer film functionalized with cellulose nanocrystals and chitosan: physicochemical characterization and safety assessment

Peter Williams


Characterisation of the physicochemical parameters of shortbread biscuits depending on the type of fat used

Joanna Harasym


Effect of rapeseed oil type on the physicochemical properties of agar hydroleogels

Joanna Harasym


Gellan gum fluid gels for stabilizing snail meat particle suspension

Anthia Matsakidou


Development of hydrocolloid-based fluid gels for high-sugar bakery fillings.

Cara Anderton


Influence of Hofmeister cations and composition on carboxymethyl cellulose stabilized o/w Pickering emulsions and application in the encapsulation of vitamin E

Olayide Lawal


The influence of extraction method on functional and thermal properties of sesame cake protein isolates

Chrysanthi Nouska


Consolidated bioprocessing of starch based on encapsulation technology for alcohol production

Athanasios Drosos


Smart lipid balloons: Stimuli-responsive natural lipid droplets for selective lipid trafficking

Costas Nikiforidis


The effect of sugar on the formation and stability of emulsion-based confectionery filling formulations

Yanni Yang


Using plant-based complex coacervates to encapsulate probiotic cells in bakery products

Thomas Moschakis


Effect of Tween 20 in monoglyceride-based structured oleogels and emulsion gels

Thomas Moschakis


Formation of nanoparticles and gels from ethanol-pretreated whey proteins

Thomas Moschakis


Whey protein nanoparticles produced by electrospraying

Thomas Moschakis


Potassium Nitrite Delivery in Meat and Meat Products by Encapsulation in Edible Tubular Cellulose

Athanasia Panitsa


Unravelling the unravelled: Microfibrillated cellulose as texture modifier in liquid and semi-solid foods

Markus Stieger