2023 Conference Abstracts

Protein concentrates from okra: Isolation and characterization

Theodoros Karakasidis


Effects Of Camel Age and Plasticizes On the Camel Bone Gelatin Films

Ahmed Al-Hassan


Development of biopolymeric emulsions for paper coating and food packaging applications

Carol López de Dicastillo


Combined enzymatic and mechanical treatment allows production of low viscous suspensions of high cellulosic dietary fibre by-products

Rocio Morales-Medina


Protein concentrates form okra: Isolation and Characterisation

Theodoros Karakasidis


3D printed soy protein-based food for dysphagia: Effect of red cabbage addition

Alaitz Etxabide Etxeberria


Challenges and opportunities of pectin-based delivery systems

Stephan Drusch


Thermoreversible gel of b-(1→6)-branched b-(1→3)-glucan

Yoko Nitta


Properties of tamarind seed xyloglucan-sugar-gallic acid mixed gels

Yoko Nitta


Development of high-yield extraction method of gelling component b-glucan from cauliflower mushroom

Yoko Nitta


Extraction of gelling component from scleroglucan

Yoko Nitta


Reversible imines for the stabilization and smart release of antifungal trans-2-hexenal from chitosan polymer



Trans-2-hexenal as a heterobifunctional crosslinker to improve functional properties of gliadin films

Pilar Hernández Muñoz


Interactions and stability of hydrocolloid – phenolic acid mixtures.

Athina Theocharidou


Extraction and purification of seaweed polysaccharide degrading enzymes and their impact in the food industry.



How does the structure of carbohydrate polymers in foods impact the community composition of the human microbiome?

Peter Williams


Role of hydrocolloids in texture, flavour, palatability and safety

Peter Williams


From tailored structure to texture in plant-based foods

Peter Williams


Cryogel as colloidal templates for probiotics encapsulation: A case study on milk protein based cryogels engrafting L. rhamnosus GG

Christos Soukoulis


Effect of Pre-sowing treatment and Nitrogen Fertilizer on Seeds Germination and Seedling Development of Borassus aethiopum (Daliab) Tree

Idris Adam