2023 Conference Abstracts

Dextrans of Weissella cibaria: from structure to functionality

Carsten Nachtigall


Nanoparticles from Resistant starch as a candidate for Pickering emulsion gels

Eftychios Apostolidis


Tribology as a design tool to tailor foods for the elderly population

Peter Williams


Starch based hydrogels: Formulation of self-assembled starchy hydrogels.

Eftychios Apostolidis


Development of a novel “clean-label” gluten-free bread with flaxseed slurry and sesame cake

Evangelia Papagianni


The inhibition of enzymatic browning of fresh-cut potatoes using mild processing methods

Magdalini Krokida


Encapsulation of polyphenolic bioactive compounds into stable structures using spray drying and electrospinning process for food applications

Magdalini Krokida


Kinetics of amyloid fibril aggregates formation under application of moderate electric fields

Ricardo Pereira


Gelatinization of waxy and non-waxy rice starch under high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) as influenced by alginate addition.

Pedro Rivero Ramos


Starch based hydrogels: Formulation of self-assembled starchy hydrogels.

Eftychios Apostolidis


Influence of sequential extraction on the physicochemical properties of ulvan.

Clarisa Naa Darko


Emulsion gels enriched with β-glucan concentrate for reducing saturated fat in biscuits

Vasileia Sereti


Inter-laboratory analysis of cereal beta-glucan extracts of nutritional importance: An evaluation of different methods for determining weight-average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution

Simon Ballance


Development of biopolymeric emulsions for paper coating and food packaging applications

Carol López de Dicastillo


Tailoring quinoa leaves (Chenopodium quinoa) as a source of soluble proteins for food applications

Sara Pérez Vila


Phase separation of type-A gelatin and dextran and the effect of microstructure on gel properties

Meng Zhao



Vasiliki Evageliou


Formation and characterization of pectin and carrageenan edible films in the presence of lemon balm infusion

Vasiliki Evageliou


Acid-extracted sugar beet pectins: Which structural elements are important for emulsion stabilization?

Daniel Wefers


Accessing the thermal and electric effects in protein denaturation and interactions with phenolic compounds.

Rui Rordigues