Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.


8. Pectin�Galectin 3 interactions: molecular origins of bioactivity.


7. Influence of preparation method on the quality of xanthan-locust bean gum mixed gels.


6. Structural Properties of Non Aqueous Ethyl Cellulose Systems used in Topical Drug Delivery


5. Evidence of interactions between whey proteins and mucin: their implication on the astringency mechanism of whey proteins at low pH


4. Preparation of Corn Fiber Gum and Milk Protein Conjugates and Evaluation of their Emulsion Stabilizing Properties

Madhav Yadav


P42 Rheological characteristics of ozonated pectin dispersions


P44 Effect of glycerol and vegetable oil on beverage emulsion properties during storage

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2. Use of soy protein- gum arabic composite as the encapsulant of liquid orange oil emulsion particles