Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.


Functional properties of urea incorporated wheat protein films


Developing a whole range of new hydrocolloids - the production and modification of alternan


Processing of carrots leads to changes in pectin structure


Processing of carrots leads to changes in pectin structure


The physicochemical properties of rice bran extracts with ultrasonic treatment


Plenary: Upgrading food processing side streams


Masterclass: Rheology: The Key to Success?


okra gum-bulk extraction and chemical analysis


Impact of pH and ionic strength on the emulsification properties of citrus pectin

Ulrike van der Schaaf


Masterclass: An Introduction to Tribology


Effects of hydrocolloids on lowering blood glucose


Functional dairy-protein based aggregates for designing food formulations


Enable Fat Reduced Deep Fried Food and Meat Products by Cellulose Ethers - Final


Where polymers and particles meet


Effect of calcium chloride on the glass transition of condensed starch systems

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Masterclass: Micro-Rheological Characterization of Hydrocolloids


Masterclass: An introduction to tribology


Masterclass: Probing The Links Between Food Structure And Function With Force Microscopy


Nanoencapsulation of capsaicin and its effect on sensation of pungency


Persian Gum and Gum Arabic: A Comparative Study on Their Rheological and Functional Properties- A Review