Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.


Replacement sucrose with sweeteners in jelly desserts with additives of cereal flour

Nataliia Nepovinnykh


Structure and emulsifying properties of nanoparticles of natural gums

Naoya Sagawa


Structural characterization and molecular interactions of β-lactoglobulin, levan and their mixtures

Christoph Hundschell


Biological activities of enzymatically modified seaweed hydrocolloids



PLENARY: Use of gelatins and chitosans encapsulating natural extracts for the development of active bio-packaging: a review and latest results



Modelling whey protein gelation under ohmic heating - effects of electric field strength, frequency and heating kinetics

Rui Rordigues


Comparison on physicochemical properties of non-starch polysaccharides extracted from highland barley by water and alkali extraction

Shaoping Nie


Arabinoxylan alleviates acute colitis by altering colon symptoms

Shaoping Nie


Level of closeness of Acacia polyacantha (Kakamut) gum to the gum arabic from Acacia senegal (Hashab)

Idris Musa
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Effect of sucrose substitution with stevia and saccharin on rheological properties of gels from sunflower pectin

Nerea Munoz-Almagro


Development and characterization of nano-emulsion-filled gels intended to supply omega-3 fatty acids into food products

Ana Isabel Bourbon


Emulsifying properties of gum ghatti treated with high thermal condition

Keigo Kinoshita


Technological characterization of marine fennel (Crithmum maritimum) extracts and the effect of its incorporation on the properties of edible films

Víctor Otero Tuárez


Effect of fat concentration on structure and digestibility of o/w cellulose ether emulsions

Teresa Sanz Taberner


Rheological behaviour of low fat cocoa creams based on cellulose ether emulsions

Teresa Sanz Taberner


The active performance of gallic acid-incorporated chitosan films

Iratxe Zarandona


Dendronan reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by modulating the host inflammatory response and gut microbiota composition

Xiaojun Huang


Probiotic Encapsulation by Heteroprotein Coacervation and Comparison with Protein/polysaccharide Coacervate

Meng Zhao


Glucomannans alleviated the progression of diabetic kidney disease by improvement of kidney glucose, lipids, amino acids metabolism and urea cycle

Shaoping Nie


Metabolomics and lipidomics revealed hypolipidemic and hypocholesterolemic and effects of arabinoxylan in type 2 diabetic rats

Shaoping Nie