Past Papers & Posters

Here are a list of accepted past papers and posters.


Investigating the emulsifying and emulsion stabilizing capacity of carrot pectin subdomains

Bram Neckebroeck


Mechanical properties of nanofibrils made from faba bean and mung bean protein

Anja Herneke


Characterization of the molecular properties of scleroglucan as an alternative rigid rod molecule to xanthan gum

Xinxin Li


Evaluation of the UV-barrier properties and transparency of bacterial and vegetable regenerated cellulose films combined with polyvinyl alcohol and chitosan

Manuel Vazquez Vazquez


Optical properties of regenerated cellulose and polyvinyl alcohol films combined with glycerol or chitosan

Manuel Vazquez Vazquez


Impact of microfluidization on the microstructure and func-tional properties of pea hull fibre

Sebastian Schalow


Off Flavour Development and Viscosity Changes in high Oat Fibre UHT Model Beverages

John Ashton


Molecular interactions between B-casein and phenolic acids under ultra-high temperature conditions

lloyd condict


Temperature influences on network formation of low DE maltodextrin gels

Kelsey Kanyuck


Effects of sucrose addition on the rheological properties of citrus peel fiber suspensions before and after drying

Guéba Agoda-Tandjawa


pH-responsive release of trans-2-hexenal from chitosan films based on dynamic imine linkages and their application in antifungal packaging

Pilar Hernández Muñoz


Improving controlled-release antioxidant properties of tea polyphenol nanoparticles-loaded gelatin films by adjusting encapsulation efficiency

Fei Liu


Stability of β-Lactoglobulin micro- and nanostructures under various environmental conditions

Lívia Simões


Properties of fish gelatin film containing epigallocatechin gallate fabricated by thermo-compression molding

Krisana Nilsuwan


Integral valorisation of Faba-beans molecular compounds to nutritional texturized food products

klara nilsson


The effect of cellulose and starch on the rheological and thermal properties of collagen paste

Motolani Sobanwa


Characterization of the mechanical response of pectin-based gels towards dispersing forces used in top down microgel formation processes

Peter Williams


The effect of cellulose and starch on the rheological and thermal properties of collagen paste

Motolani Sobanwa


Effects of rheological and tribological properties of hydrogels compared to individuals’ oro-physiological capabilities on oral processing behaviour

Emma Krop


Correlating rheology and oral lubrication with sensory properties – A non-fat hydrogel perspective

Emma Krop